We have some news to share about upcoming changes at Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. Below is T.J.’s editorial from the Jun/Jul 2020 issue.

The Winds of Change

We are excited to announce that Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine (TBM) will be transitioning to a direct sales publication over the next several months, relying on subscriptions—both digital and printed—rather than newsstand sales to deliver our print content. You will also be able to buy the magazine directly from us at a considerable savings over the newsstand price, and subscribers will continue to save even more and get their magazine a few weeks earlier than the single copy buyers.

As many of you may know, printed media have taken a beating the last several years. All magazine publishers have faced significant challenges from falling newsstand sales and loss of markets from consolidation of newsstand wholesalers. From 2013 to 2016, overall magazine sales on newsstands fell over 43%, and last year added another double-digit loss across the board. Outdoor Life and Field and Stream, both of which have been in publication for over 100 years, both went from a monthly publication to a quarterly in 2018, and this past January, 2020, respectively—a 66% reduction in frequency. As many print publications are discovering, newsstand sales are no longer an efficient, cost effective means of distribution.

Thankfully, we here at TBM have effected new marketing programs and policies to continue to bring great content to our readers, along with continued growth. TBM has always been a leader in providing great hunting stories by the best writers in our industry, as well as promoting ethics, education, and passing on the tradition of hunting with the simple stick and string. We will be adding new features to the magazine, which include a wild game cooking column and gear reviews, while maintaining the topics and authors that you have always enjoyed. That will not change. The advertisers on these pages make it possible for us to bring you this great content. Please look to them first and support these businesses when you need equipment, and let them know you found their business in TBM.

We want to assure all of our readers and advertisers that we remain committed to providing the same unique, high-quality content you have come to expect over the last 30 years, in both print and digital format. The only thing that’s changing is our means of delivering the print magazine.

I would encourage you to subscribe now to enjoy all the great material you have come to expect at lower cost and greater convenience. You will find a subscription form on page 56 of this issue, or you can subscribe online at www.tradbow.com or by phone at 888-828-4882. If you prefer to buy single copies you can also do that through our website, by phone, or by mail (the cost is $5 and that includes postage). Follow us on social media, as well as our web site at tradbow.com, and we’ll post when a when a new issue is available.

We appreciate your support as we continue to expand and grow TBM as we chart these new waters, and we look forward to many more years being here—both digitally and in print.

T.J. Conrads