Wild Cuisine: French Onion Venison Steaks

This past deer season was extremely successful for me for a variety of reasons. One, I managed to shoot a big doe with my recurve and have my baby daughter along. Two, I hadn’t got a deer the previous year, thus our freezer was feeling pretty empty when it came to red meat. [...]

Wild Cuisine: French Onion Venison Steaks2020-11-16T17:02:23-07:00

Wild Game Cooking: Feral Hog Tacos

Feral hogs are a nuisance but they sure are tasty if cooked right. In this video from Texas Parks and Wildlife, regional cooking expert Jesse Griffiths, author of "Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish," turns these wild pigs into a melt-in-your-mouth southwestern classic. [...]

Wild Game Cooking: Feral Hog Tacos2020-09-28T14:41:53-06:00

Dutch Oven Grouse Recipe

It was opening morning of archery season. My daughter, Kerri, and I headed out of camp to hunt downhill to an ancient elk wallowing area in the bottom of a bowl of fir, pine, and quaking aspen. We hadn’t gone a hundred yards from camp when a blue grouse flushed off the trail [...]

Dutch Oven Grouse Recipe2020-04-29T16:02:45-06:00

On The Level – Balance Your Cooking Surface

Outdoor cooking is easy and fun. The whole idea is to throw a few items into the Dutch oven, cover it, and come back later to a perfectly cooked dish. However, there is nothing worse than opening the oven to find that your Super Easy Dump Cake is burnt on one side and [...]

On The Level – Balance Your Cooking Surface2020-03-04T19:02:27-07:00

Corned Meat for Reuben Egg Rolls

Right before humans started shooting arrows at animals we started curing meat over a fire. It is a multi-millennia strong tradition. But why? Two reasons, really. The first reason that humans began to cure things is for simple food preservation. Refrigerators and freezers in households are a very recent invention. Prior to these, [...]

Corned Meat for Reuben Egg Rolls2020-03-04T16:54:47-07:00

Pan Roasted Venison Loin with Cranberry and Port Sauce

Honestly, I am not all that grateful for the Butterball turkey that I eat a small slice of each year. Nor the green beans, nor the stuffing. Those are from the store; I did nothing but buy them off the shelf. While I am happy to have them, and glad for the ability [...]

Pan Roasted Venison Loin with Cranberry and Port Sauce2019-12-17T10:10:13-07:00

Eating Javelina

In the Jun/Jul 2019 issue’s Ground Game column, Built for the Ground, I talked about javelina as a great bowhunting spot-and-stalk quarry. One point I tried to emphasize is that despite their reputation to the contrary, they actually make good eating with proper handling in the field and preparation in the kitchen. I [...]

Eating Javelina2019-07-03T09:05:42-06:00

What to Do With Drumsticks

The gobbler was at the top of a small draw strutting his stuff when I caught him in my binoculars—a respectable Idaho Merriam’s. It had been a frustrating weekend of turkey chasing, with stuck trucks, rainstorms, snowstorms and fog. The birds were there and I could get the toms to gobble, but they [...]

What to Do With Drumsticks2019-07-03T09:05:47-06:00

Smoke-Cooked Duck

So, what does a traditional bowhunter do at the end of the bow season for big game when the cottontail rabbit numbers crash? Hunt ducks! What else? No, I don't recommend using archery tackle if you want to eat duck, but if you want to shoot and laugh a bunch... fletch up some [...]

Smoke-Cooked Duck2019-07-03T09:06:05-06:00

Bottling Meat

With the uncertainty of processed foods lately, there seems to be more interest in the process of canning, or as we call it, bottling. This is a great way to tame those tough cuts of venison to be used later for chili, stew or sandwiches. Bottling meat is a fairly simple process, if [...]

Bottling Meat2018-10-30T17:39:09-06:00
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