About Beka Garris

Beka lives in southern Ohio with her husband, Alex, and their daughter, Isabella. When she isn’t out hunting, she enjoys cooking wild game.

Wild Cuisine: The Best Smoked Squirrel BBQ Nachos

I grew up hunting gray squirrels in the backwoods of Northern New Jersey, and to this day I look forward to squirrel season every year. Here in Ohio, our season opens a month before deer season, so it’s a fun way to get outside and practice with my bow. For years I would [...]

Wild Cuisine: The Best Smoked Squirrel BBQ Nachos2021-04-30T15:47:07-06:00

Wild Cuisine: French Onion Venison Steaks

This past deer season was extremely successful for me for a variety of reasons. One, I managed to shoot a big doe with my recurve and have my baby daughter along. Two, I hadn’t got a deer the previous year, thus our freezer was feeling pretty empty when it came to red meat. [...]

Wild Cuisine: French Onion Venison Steaks2020-11-16T17:02:23-07:00

Lucked Out

Bowhunting with a traditional bow is tough. Add a baby and it’s even tougher. Yes, I know how crazy that sounds. I’m fairly new to the world of traditional archery, having hunted just four deer seasons with stick and string. I’ve been pretty lucky for the most part, filling tags every year and [...]

Lucked Out2020-04-29T15:02:41-06:00

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