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Campfire Chat with Rich Lopez

In this episode, T.J. sat down with Rich Lopez from Maryland, a friend and TBM supporter for many years. Rich repairs and refinished vintage bows to like-new condition. They also chat about bows, hunting, and lots of other topics. You can check out Rich's work on his website Droptine Traditions, or on his [...]

Campfire Chat with Rich Lopez2020-06-17T17:31:14-06:00

Thin Air—A Stalker Stickbows Film

South Cox and Jake Veldhaus of Stalker Stickbows travel back to the unforgiving backcountry of Colorado in search of High County Mule Deer and ultimately find opening day success. For more information visit

Thin Air—A Stalker Stickbows Film2020-06-18T13:25:36-06:00

Digital Issue: Jun/Jul 2020

Featured Articles The Challenge by Rich Thompson Archery Aging by Todd Szmania Bowfishing With the Kid by Jack Connelly Little Bows and Big Moose by Marv Clyncke Lucked Out by Beka Garris Role Reversal by Andrew Larson An American Patriot by Jeff Stonehouse Traditional Shooting by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. The [...]

Digital Issue: Jun/Jul 20202020-05-12T18:37:27-06:00

Black Bear Tracking

Preston Taylor and Phil Johnston track down a black bear in Northern California and explain the techniques used in effective trailing of live animals. See more of their work at

Black Bear Tracking2020-04-15T18:14:46-06:00

The Stickboys Turkey Hunt 2019

Follow along in the first part of a two part series of "old school" turkey hunts in the mountains of North Carolina with Dalton Lewis of The Stickboys.

The Stickboys Turkey Hunt 20192020-04-13T13:06:11-06:00

Campfire Chat with Black Widow Bows

While attending the PBS Gathering in Springfield, MO, T.J. took a short drive to Nixa to visit with the owners of Black Widow Bows.

Campfire Chat with Black Widow Bows2020-04-07T12:21:50-06:00

Digital Issue: Apr/May 2020

Featured Articles A Crazy Stalker by Jeff Stonehouse The Bugles of Spring by Chad Slagle The Ground Game by Brian Koelzer The Waiting Game The Hunt From Hell by G. Fred Asbell Turkeys in Tandem by Nick Viau Spring Bounty by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Traditional Shooting by Jason R. Wesbrock [...]

Digital Issue: Apr/May 20202020-03-17T12:29:37-06:00

Wild Game Cook-off (Elk Burger)

Wild game cook-offs are a great way to find creative ways to make the most of your harvest. In this video from Randy Newberg, Hunter on YouTube, they use elk burger and see who can come up with the best possible dish. There are endless possibilities of recipes you can do [...]

Wild Game Cook-off (Elk Burger)2020-02-13T18:44:58-07:00

A Closer Look at Tents

Camping in the wild can be an important part of the bowhunting experience, offering solitude, proximity to nature, and an opportunity to hunt unpressured game. Most of us spending any length of time in the woods are going to sleep in some kind of tent. Sure, you can roll up in a tarp [...]

A Closer Look at Tents2020-01-13T07:47:43-07:00

Digital Issue: Feb/Mar 2020

Featured Articles Alaska on Layaway by Jake Downs Three in Three Days by Chad Sivertsen Kalahari by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Twenty Feet Closer to God by Andri Elko The Ground Game by Jeff Stonehouse You Can't Eat Tusks Paul Schafer Profile by Paul Brunner To Skin a Cat by Various [...]

Digital Issue: Feb/Mar 20202020-02-26T13:50:26-07:00
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