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Easy Field Clean Up

After field dressing game, whether a deer or a couple of squirrels, it's nice to have some soap and water handy for washing.

Bike Shorts for Treestand Seat

I've been wearing "bike shorts" under my hunting clothes for many years now. These shorts are the kind you might wear to pad those "comfort" zones from the ungodly awful seats they are putting on bicycles these days. They have padding built up in the crotch and seat area, which also adds just [...]

The Gracious Life

There are some who believe that animals are gifts to a hunter. In this view the animals freely and willingly give themselves, or are given by God, so a hunter may eat. Continued giving or hunting success is often seen as being dependent upon the hunter's judicious use of the animal's meat, hide, bones, and other organs. As long as a hunter utilizes and gives thanks for the gift, then he/she may strive to be worthy of it, and continued gifts may follow.

Love Family Dressing

Well, here we are at Thanksgiving. I am sure that everyone is busy getting things ready for the big feast. Here is a simple dressing recipe that is sure to please even the most finicky member of the family.


Flagging tape could be one of the most important tools in your pack. You can mark the spot where you dropped your pack for a stalk, where you stood when you shot, where the animal was standing when it was hit, and the location of blood.

Rotating Fletching Table

Determined to "mass produce" arrows for my own use, I created a rotating tabletop fletching station from a 14" lazy Susan,* which I picked up at a local thrift store for less than five bucks. It allows me to work on three arrows at a time,

Shooting Practice

Do you ever find yourself looking for exciting ways to practice shooting? If you're anything like me, you get bored shooting at the same old bag target. Also, if you have limited space to shoot

Cross Dominance

Bruce J. wrote: T.J., I am somewhat left eye dominant, but I shoot my bows right handed. I met a gunsmith last week who suggested that I close my left eye when shooting the bow.

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