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Holiday Gift Guide

Here are a few gift ideas for traditional bowhunters. TBM Back Issues $2.80 each Save when you buy 10 or more!

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Digital Issue: Dec/Jan 2018

Featured Articles Return to the Basalt Wall by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Serendipity by Joelle Selk Bedlam Birds by Timothy Dwyer One of the Little Ones by G. Fred Asbell A Magical Longbow Season by Clint Welding Profile: Answering Four Questions by Manuel S. Cervantes The Ground Game by Darryl Quidort [...]

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How to Use a Compass and Map

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors thoroughly yet simply explains how to navigate with just a compass and a map. Regardless of why and how you spend your times in the great out of doors, you should at least know the basic of map and compass navigation and basic orienteering. [...]

How to Use a Compass and Map 2017-09-13T21:42:54+00:00

Digital Issue: Oct/Nov 2017

Featured Articles Second Thoughts by Mark Nelson Backcountry by Chad Sivertsen Behind Closed Gates A New Quest by Errol Benstead The End is in the Means by Ryan W. Theiler Blacktails in the Fog by Demetri Voelker Date Night by Robb Sager Profile: Meet David Weaver, Bowyer by Krista Holbrook The [...]

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Nordic Story: The Modern Bowhunter

THE MODERN BOWHUNTER Bowhunting is more than just hunting. Ulrik never chose to hunt, hunting has just always been with him. The nordic nature gives him something nothing else can. We can see why - can you? Go see more bowhunting with Ulrik on Orskov Hunting! You can also ... Follow us [...]

Nordic Story: The Modern Bowhunter 2017-09-30T11:56:05+00:00

Water Filtering Basics

Randy Newberg, Hunter explains the basics of water filtration, the types of systems available and his preferences for the style of hunting he does. Gravity flow systems, hand pumps, straws, and sterilization pens are discussed here. Chemical treatments are not part of this discussion, though Randy carries Aquamira drops for emergency [...]

Water Filtering Basics 2017-08-28T04:37:36+00:00

See How the Woodsman Broadhead is Made

The Woodsman broadhead has helped bowhunters put big game on the ground all around the world. See step-by-step how the original series Woodsman broadheads are built. These fixed blade broadheads are designed, assembled, and packaged in the Midwest of the USA, a lot of it right at 3Rivers Archery.   [...]

See How the Woodsman Broadhead is Made 2017-08-28T04:41:28+00:00

Meet The Champs: The Wilhelm Brothers

Walt and Kenneth Wilhelm, are in the archery hall of fame. In the 1930s they appeared in these Paramount newsreels. The shots they make will amaze you! Howard Hill shot with these two men, and they are in many of his videos. Enjoy this blast from the past! [...]

Meet The Champs: The Wilhelm Brothers 2017-08-19T19:03:20+00:00

10 Years a Bowhunter

Join Chris Shelton as he takes you on an adventure through the last 10 years of bowhunting with a traditional bow. Bowhunting has many ups and downs and you'll experience that throughout this film. You'll also see how he truly feels about the experience of bowhunting with a stickbow. I hope [...]

10 Years a Bowhunter 2017-07-30T13:50:40+00:00

Building a Soda Bottle Bowfishing Reel

A homemade bowfishing reel made from a 20 oz soda bottle, a rubber chair tip, some nuts and washers. This reel was made for a homemade PVC pipe bow, but you can attach it to a wood bow using The Traditional Gadget Adapter from Great Northern Quivers or 3Rivers Archery. Before the [...]

Building a Soda Bottle Bowfishing Reel 2017-07-17T15:14:08+00:00