I first learned of this tip from Dennis Kamstra, who offers excellent ideas in Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine’s Tips From the Old Timer column. Thanks for all your tips over the years, Dennis! With noted credit, this tip seems worthy of another look with some added experiences.

I put reflective tape on my hunting arrow shafts, between the nock and the fletching. Reflective tape can be found in the automotive section of most department stores.

This handy little trick makes finding arrows a breeze on those afternoon hunts where everything happens just before the end of shooting time.

When the terrain is grassy or full of crops, locating an arrow after a pass-through shot–or a miss–is much easier with reflective tape on the arrow. Simply point your flashlight or headlamp in the general direction of the arrow. Beware: I’ve been darn startled, thinking there is an animal staring at me in the dark while searching for arrows, only to realize it was the reflective tape on my arrow. Good grief!

Finding the arrow quickly may also help in pinpointing the animal’s route and locating a blood trail. Sure, it may be shrouded in blood, but I have had great success with this trick over the years.