I used to have a heck of a time shooting my arrows in tight groups during practice. I guess having a mind that likes to wander doesn’t help. Focusing on my shooting was a real challenge until my friend, Neil Jacobson, made the suggestion that getting your mind to focus is an exercise that can be done anywhere.

When you are walking around at work going through the grocery store, quietly relaxing, or almost anywhere except driving, pick a spot on an object that isn’t moving and focus intently on that spot. Hold that concentration as long as you can. If you are moving, focus and concentrate on that spot until you pass it. The smaller the spot that you focus on while doing other things, the easier it will become to focus on a specific spot on the target, or on an animal. Now, if I can stay focused, the groups tighten right up and my shooting accuracy improves.

Editor’s Note: Tim may need to work on his focus while shooting, but his attention to detail on his work is second to none. Check out his unique and beautiful jewelry products at his Facebook page, Absorkee Designs.