Mark Viehweg followed his father in field as soon as he could walk; hunting upland game, trapping and fishing.

He picked up a recurve over twenty years ago to participate in the traditional only season at the McAlester hunt in Oklahoma and has never looked back. He has pursued big game in Illinois, Alabama, Wisconsin, Missouri, Montana, Alaska and Canada. He now hunts exclusively with a longbow after being influenced by Jay Massey and Dick Hamilton while working for Jay in the Moose John camp.

He believes all traditional archers have a responsibility to perpetuate our love for the outdoors and the journey of traditional archery to others. He is a Regular member of PBS having served a term on the board. A founding member of the United Bowhunters of Illinois having served a 5 year term on the board.

He and his wife, Lisa, make their home in western Illinois with children Mark, Elizabeth and Matthew.