I read your recent tip about using hand sanitizer to relieve bug bites. Unfortunately hand sanitizers and other products like them have unnatural (often synthetic) aromas from perfumes. I have found one natural remedy that works not only for bites but also for poison ivy.

Jewelweed grows in moist, partially shaded areas, with a tendency toward moisture. It ALWAYS grows in concert with poison ivy (so be careful when you are picking it). In fact, it’s a cure against urisol, which is the active agent in poison ivy, oak, and sumac. It is fabulous for mosquito and other bites. It takes the itching away almost like magic. Insect stings are relieved on contact, and poison ivy in a few seconds. As an added bonus, it doesn’t spook deer or other animals like perfumes would.

Fill a pint-sized mason jar 3/4 full with unflavored vodka (the cheap kind). Add stems, leaves, and flowers of the jewelweed plant. Let it set for as long as you can. I make mine now for next year. You can put the strained steeped alcohol into smaller dropper or roller bottles for convenience. If you don’t have jewelweed in your area, there are several online retailers who sell it.