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    • Clay Hayes
      Post count: 418

      Here’s something I put together a few years ago. Just got around to uploading it for the world to see. Filmed in SD, and with a cheap tripod, but still worth watching.

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Clay – Wowza! You have either studied film technique or are a natural. Only flaw I could see in the whole thing was the photographer’s shadow in the lower right of the opening scene — easily cropped out. Little touches like the close-up of your eyeball watching the bear, fitting in the entire shot from archer to target, a switch from “invigorating” to somber music after the shot, the look of simultaneous self-satisfaction in a successful hunt along with a touch of sadness and obvious respect for the animal turns a standard “hero shot” into something touching and special … this is all way above merely good amateur videography. And hey, gotta love your “camo.” 😀 Your fan, Dave

    • Raymond Coffman
      Post count: 1072

      Mr Hayes —

      Nicely done ! – Very Impressive, please make more. Shows Trad Bow Hunting in the fine light it is, when done well.



    • David Coulter
      Post count: 2270

      Gotta chime in. Excellent work, on both videos. Ditto on the shadow, but really that’s small potatoes and an easy fix. Terrific choice of music. Also, congratulations on the bear. Fine shot ending in the recovery we hope for.

      Best, dwcphoto

    • Fallguy
      Post count: 317

      That is the only kind of hunting video worth watching in my humble opinion. Absolutely Fantastic keep up the good work. Looking forward to a elk video!!!!:D

    • William Warren
      Post count: 1384

      Wow! That is a great video, very classy.

      Thanks for sharing it with us.


    • wahoo
      Post count: 415

      Clay that again was the best. Just watched your bunny video and now this.Real nice

    • james gilmer
      Post count: 131

      man that was awesome ( even though I hate that word) I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Thank you for your post

    • bruc
      Post count: 476

      This was likely one of the best short hunting videos Ive ever watched !!! Great music.


    • T Downing
      Post count: 233

      What a hunt! Love the longbow and the natural camo. Great shot, and what a nice bear, beautiful…

      What a fantastic video! Better than all the garbage that is on the tube today…Oh, Clay, thanks for showing tremendous respect for the hunt and more importantly, the animal. I loved it. Well done, looking forward to more of your stuff.

    • riddleofsteel
      Post count: 8

      great video

      continuity comment;

      You seem to have different numbers of arrows in you quiver at different times. When you pick up your fired arrow you have at least 4 to 5 arrows in the quiver, by the time you find your bear you are down to one arrow in the quiver, then in the closing shots you are back up to 3 or 4 arrows again.

      It does not detract from the great camera shots. I really like the bear reflection in your eye just before you take the shot.

      one of the better trad archery videos I have seen

    • blacktail
      Post count: 49

      i have to agree with others GREAT video…and the hunt was sweet…my questions are about the gear you used…what kind of bow, arrows and head did you use…thanks so much for sharing….john

    • RickH
      Post count: 19

      Thanks for posting, well done. Hopefully you can make a few more. I gave up on all the hunting shows years ago because most were garbage, but your video was a treat.

    • wildschwein
      Post count: 581

      Wow! Finally a hunting video that I would be proud to show my non-hunting friends. Simply wow!

    • Fletcher
      Post count: 177

      Nicely done, Clay. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Paul Rainbolt
      Post count: 2

      AWESOME, thanks for sharing.

    • strait-aero
      Post count: 350

      Well done,sir! Keep ’em coming.8) Wayne

    • Amoose
      Post count: 80

      Excellent !!

      That is impressive, how videos should be!

    • SteveMcD
      Post count: 870

      Bravo! Most Excellent! 8)8)8)8)

    • hrhodes
      Post count: 31


    • Clay Hayes
      Post count: 418

      Thanks guys, and nice critique. The two vids I’ve posted were put together several years ago. Since then I’ve got a much nicer camera and tripod as well as refined my techniques. Anyhow I’ll have a website up soon with more, and better quality, short films.

    • Clay Hayes
      Post count: 418

      blacktail wrote: i have to agree with others GREAT video…and the hunt was sweet…my questions are about the gear you used…what kind of bow, arrows and head did you use…thanks so much for sharing….john

      Bow – pacific yew english longbow

      heads – Magnus I think

      Quiver – bobcat, plains style

      outfit – braintan buckskin breeches, homemade muslin shirt died in walnut hulls, buffalo hide (commercialy tanned) mocs.

    • skifrk
      Post count: 387

      Really enjoyed both videos and quality put into them.

    • horserod
      Post count: 78

      Wonderful!!! Thanks for taking us along for the hunt…….Can we go with ya on the next one ??? Tom

    • sagebrush
      Post count: 52

      Loved it. Unlike most hunting videos that get turned off while still running. Gary

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