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    • Robin Conrads
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      The Trailhead is for those who are new to traditional archery, hunting in general or archery in general. If you have questions, please ask. Nothing is too simple or too basic.

      We have also posted an article Subtle Reminders of Autumn by Jarrod Feiner, who will be leading this new department. Jarrod is very active with the Professional Bowhunter’s Society Youth Program and has lots of great ideas for mentoring too. We hope to develop this forum and new department to promote hunting, archery and traditional equipment to kids of all ages.

    • tradbowman67
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      That’s so awesome, I know I had a LOT of questions and very little places to go for answers when I started shooting traditional bows, and the looks I got from the wheelie bow shooters at the local range when I had a question.. Whew! Lol!
      But with this department hopefully all of us can contribute to the appreciation and education of folks interested in traditional archery! I’d love to volunteer my time in any way!!! I’m in the process now of teaching my significant other the love of traditional ways, and though she may not hunt, she loves the mag, loves the sport and loves flinging pointy sticks!!

    • SteveMcD
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      “Subtle Reminders of Autumn”. That was a wonderful story! Great points too. As a hunter ed instructor for many years I am often asked how young is too young to hunt? My answer is always the same. It depends on the child. How a child confronts the realization of the death of an animal, should not be over looked in these considerations. I was glad to see, Jarrod’s article bring the subject to light.

    • Chris Shelton
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      I wish this was here when I started, it would have saved me alot of time and money, really a good idea!!!

    • Shakes.602
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      Fantastic Idea for Us “Rookie” Hunters!!:idea: Been Shooting Trad. for “Many Moons”, but Just Took up Hunting a Few years ago. So Far, its Wild Turkeys: 7 Me: Zip. 🙄 got some NEW Stomping groung for the Fall Season here in Indiana, and cant hardly Wait!! A Real Good Friend of mine has Almost talked me into Deer Hunting this Year, but I hesitate. I figure I want to Croak one of those Wiley Old Toms Before I Move On, ya know??
      Anywho……….CONGRATS On The NEW Addition!! i am sure I will visit Often!!
      Shakes.602 8)

    • Jarrod Feiner
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      Hello everyone,
      My name is Jarrod Feiner. Robin–as well as everyone at TBM–has been kind enough to allow me to use their ‘soapbox’ to open discussion to new bowhunters and bowhunters who are willing to share their knowledge with others.

      Other than my passion for bowhunting, and sharing the bowhunting experience with others, I’m nothing special. Believe me. I look forward to developing this forum with your help and energy.

      Tradbowman67, You are exactly what this forum is all about, when you say: “I’d love to volunteer my time in any way!!!”. Please, consider joining our work at the YBP (Young Bowhunter Program), and–with your palpable energy–bring others into the bowhunting fold.

      SteveMcD, Thanks you for your kind words; the article was written from the heart.
      I do think many parents, especially in families that are isolated from the hunting culture, both physically and psychologically, don’t give their children enough credit for an ability to understand–or even face–the fact that something died so they could live.

      And carrying this further a bit: Isn’t that what life is? Something dies, be it a vegetable, or animal, so that the other can live.

    • SteveMcD
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      Good Luck & Best Wishes, Jarrod. If you ever need anything, feel free to PM me.

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