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    • Brent WoldBrent Wold
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      Bow and quiver

      Hello, this is the first time posting on the form. I recently got a bow quiver for my recurve. I like it but I’m having trouble getting use to the balance. I have used a side quiver. Does anyone have opinions on which works for them? Thank you.

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Hi Brent

      Welcome to the forum.

      In hunting big game, I prefer the bow quiver for many reasons. Mostly because the bow and arrows are in one package. Easy to carry, especially moving thru thicker cover, handy. Less movement to knock an arrow. It does change the balance of the bow, but that is not a problem for me. I also use a back quiver depending on circumstance (small game hunting )or a way to carry more arrows. Although I do not personally use them, side quivers are very popular. Many forum members like them a lot. It really comes down to what type quiver fits your style — or you can use them all, as some folks do.

      Scout aka Ray

    • richard roop
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      For what it’s worth;

      Bowquivers will change balance & feel. It’s not ‘bad’ it’s just ‘different’.  You might try shooting a bit with an empty quiver, getting used to it and then adding arrows one at a time until you’re fully loaded.

      I’m running an old modified Sagitarius (sp) 8 arrow quiver that now holds 10 arrows.  Usually 6 broadheads & 4 blunts.  Sometimes a couple of flu-flus also. I would rather look silly with too many arrows than look goofy running out with some clueless critter standing in front of me.

      Two things to be aware of;  (1) The added weight of the quiver can change the ‘tune’ of the bow & (2) The weight difference between a full  quiver and an empty one can effect the ‘tune’ with more than about 10 arrows.


    • RalphRalph
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      Hi Brent. Welcome…

      I use a bow quiver. I love the added mass and I think it helps me kinda with my habit of throwing my bow hand sometimes.

      Mine are modified from several brands. Why? I only carry two arrows in mine so I figure out how to get rid of extra material on the the things.

      I also use a homemade side quiver but there are times when I need to shuck everything and go after a critter. I carry one arrow and have two extra on the bow.

      I have been known though to return empty handed except for the bow itself.

      I figure if I was having brain farts for three arrows I would of had them for six.   On bad days stupid is as stupid does and it seems repetitive as the day proceeds.

      I also have a couple of old one arrow quivers that I absolutely love. They don’t make my kind anymore so I’m having to get rather innovative to keep them operational.

      When you get used to a bow quiver and not have one on your bow things feel kinda naked.

      One thing I do in my modifications is I try me best to keep the fletched ends of the arrows as far back, inside the bow, as I can. If the arrows are sticking out to far forward hiding behind a bush can be tricky. Nothing like an arrow in a quiver hanging in the bush you’re behind.

      Probably explained that as clear as mud….



    • RalphRalph
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      An afterthought…..if you shuck your gear, taking a second to mark it’s location before you go chasing something can be a well spent second.. 🙂 I know..

    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      Hey Brent,

      welcome 🙂

      I reckon if you like the bow quiver and persist you’ll get used to it. Something that used to annoy me was practicing with it, because as you emptied the quiver the bow would feel different for every shot. Not applicable to hunting, but you can’t hunt if you don’t practice and I found that a bit off putting.

      I find if I have a bow quiver on I carry the bow by the string as I wander through the bush, and while it is convenient only having one thing to worry about getting through the thick stuff the bow is more cumbersome.

      I’ve pretty well fallen in love with my side quiver. I’ve got one made by Big Jim’s Bow Company, which has lovely thick leather. That leather took a long time to soften to the point that it’s comfortable to carry around but I suspect it will last me the rest of my life.

      If I was starting from scratch I reckon I’d have a go at making an Indian style side quiver. You may have read about them in recent TradBow articles (there was a mention of them in the “skin a cat” section about quivers recently) or you can see what I’m talking about if you watch the YouTube video by Clay Hayes where his young fella bags a boar.


      If you search on these forums i remember a post about 2013 or 14 someone posted a template to make a side quiver from. I made one out of old camouflage canvas with some webbing tape and fastex clips and it was great. I’ll have a look later and see if I can find it and post a link in here.

      All that being said bow quivers are wonderful and probably the most popular at the moment. I’d happily use one if my side quiver wasn’t available. Just not for target practice 🙂



    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      Down here in this thread is Duncan’s side quiver design. Very much like big Jim’s.

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