I found out something by accident that could be quite helpful, especially if you hunt pigs in the evening as I do. I bought a cheap light that clips to the brim of a hat. I wasn’t paying attention, and bought one with a blue light. One evening when I finished hunting, I turned on my cap light and discovered that the Bohning paint I used to crest my arrows (Saturn Yellow) glowed in the blue light. That discovery has turned out to be very helpful when looking for arrows at night. For arrows lost during the day, I wait until it gets dark, and then turn on my blue light to look for them.

It appears that the fletch also glows, so I tested the following colors:

1. Trueflight Lime Barred
2. Trueflight Bright Yellow Orange Barred
3. Trueflight Orange
4. Trueflight Lime
5. AMG Lime
6. AMG Orange
7. AMG Hot Pink
8. AMG Flo Yellow

From the testing, the Trueflight Lime, AMG Lime, AMG Orange and AMG Flo Yellow all show up well under the blue light. Since the fletching glows, cresting paint may not be necessary, but it surely helps.

If you have already crested your arrows or you prefer them without cresting, check out a previous tip, Reflective Tape on Arrows. I think this would work as well. Reflective tape can be found in most auto parts stores.