As a solo female bowhunter in an area where cougars are known to roam, I figured out a way to have “eyes in the back of my head.” My husband had learned that there was a good chance that cougars would be deterred from stalking you if they see eyes watching them. So we came up with the idea of putting some “eyes” on the back of my hat.

I bought plain fishing spinners and used acrylic paint from the hardware store to paint the black iris and then the white sclera. I hung them from my head net with a safety pin. They can easily be moved to another hat, if needed, but don’t run them through the washing machine—the paint comes off! It gives my husband comfort to know that I have someone looking over my shoulder while I am out in the woods chasing elk.

Editor: We aren’t sure this could be proved, but it couldn’t hurt. Always use caution and check your back trail while hunting in country with big predators.