For folks like me who like to use stick-on arrow rests, here’s a cheapie that is very easy to make.

First, you need a “clip strip.” “Clip strips” are used by many retail stores to display merchandise and most stores will give you some used ones rather than throw them away. One full-length clip strip can be used to make about a dozen arrow rests. You will need scissors, double stick tape, and a lighter.

The next thing to do is lay out the clip strip for cutting.

Cut off one of the hook sections from the strip and shape it to fit the bow.

Apply double stick tape to the back and trim it to fit.

Use a lighter and “gently” heat the clip at the joint to bend it out slightly.

Remove the backing from the tape and stick the arrow rest onto your bow. When applying it to the bow, tilt the front very slightly to level the retaining finger. You can adjust the length of the finger and the overall shape of the rest to suit yourself.