We all enjoy shooting our traditional bows. It’s safe to say that most of us are very thoughtful in taking care of and protecting our bows, especially when we travel. Sometimes, when I am heading out to practice, or even better, heading down the road for a hunt, I don’t necessarily want to unstring my bow and remove the quiver in order to put it into a bow sock. If you are like me, the back seat of my truck becomes a mini-storage unit. I have my duffle bag, sleeping bag, snake boots, backpack, and other essentials neatly piled up on the floorboard and back seat. In the past, I would just carefully place my bow on top of and across my piles of stuff. It recently occurred to me that it would be easy and inexpensive to create a better system, and for me, it has been better in every way.

This system requires one adjustable clothes rack bar and two reusable twist ties to make a very secure system for hanging one or two bows. (If possible, it’s always a good idea to take a second bow on a hunting trip.) I got the clothes rack (AutoDrive expandable car clothes bar) at Walmart for $9.00, and a pair of Nite Ize Gear reusable ties are available just about anywhere for around $5.00. You might already have all of this stuff out in the garage.

Wrap the reusable twist tie around the bar a few times so that it stays in place. Take both tag ends and turn them up to form hooks on both sides of the bar. Repeat with the other twist tie, spaced far enough apart to hang your bows. Secure the bar in your vehicle according to the instructions, then place the bowstring on the two hooks. Be sure the hooks are twisted up enough that your bow doesn’t slip off.

Your bows will be out of the way, easy to grab, and there is less chance that your feathers will get ruffled by other gear moving around (assuming you do occasionally get off the pavement). Hopefully, we’ll all be back out in the woods very soon.

Editor’s Note: Please check your state regulations to make sure it is legal to carry a strung bow in a vehicle.