There are several different types of clickers. Some attach to a bow’s riser and slide along the arrow; others attach to a bow’s limb and connect to the bowstring by utilizing a short chain and string. Most archers know it is best to replace the standard clicker chain with string to avoid chipping the finish on the bow. However, using one continuous string to connect the clicker to the bowstring requires disconnecting from the bowstring to adjust brace height.

My solution to this problem is to use two strings connected together with a slip knot. A short string is attached to the clicker and replaces the chain; a longer string is attached to the bowstring. The two loose ends are then joined together with a slip knot. Such a combination not only eliminates the chain, it allows adjusting brace height without disconnecting from the bowstring by simply loosening the slip knot.

First, carefully remove the clicker blade from the clicker; then remove the chain from the blade. Next, push a string that is approximately three or four inches in length, through the hole in the clicker blade where the chain was; the fit should be tight. Tie a large enough knot in the end of the string so that it will not pull back through the hole. The knot should not be too large as it may interfere with the clicker blade returning to a flat position. If that happens, insert a small rivet through the blade hole and then push the string into the rivet and crimp it down onto the string. If the string tends to twist in the rivet, use a little super glue where the string and rivet meet. Reassemble the blade to the clicker.

Next, attach one end of the longer string to the bowstring and tie a slip knot in the other end, leaving the loop open. Then, tie a large knot in the loose end of the string attached to the clicker and insert it through the loop (see photo). Tighten the loop by pulling the loose end of the knot. When the loop is tight, tie a large knot around the loose end (see photo) to prevent it from pulling through and untying when you begin to draw your bow.

When you need to adjust your brace height, simply loosen the slip knot and remove the short string attached to the clicker.