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Mark Viehweg, Advertising Sales

Mark Viehweg followed his father in field as soon as he could walk; hunting upland game, trapping and fishing. He picked up a recurve over twenty years ago to participate in the traditional only season at the McAlester hunt in Oklahoma and has never looked back. He has pursued big game in Illinois, Alabama, Wisconsin, Missouri, Montana, Alaska and Canada. He now hunts exclusively with a longbow after being influenced by Jay Massey and Dick Hamilton while working for Jay in the Moose John camp. He believes all traditional archers have a responsibility to perpetuate our love for the outdoors and the journey of traditional archery to others. He is a Regular member of PBS having served a term on the board. A founding member of the United Bowhunters of Illinois having served a 5 year term on the board. He and his wife, Lisa, make their home in western Illinois with children Mark, Elizabeth and Matthew.

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Kerri Doyle, Advertisement Manager

Kerri recently joined the team at Traditional Bowhunter as the Advertising Manager. She has been involved in the outdoor industry for eight years. Contact her for questions, ideas and a fresh look at your advertising needs. She can be reached at 208-853-0555 or by email at

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David Balowski, Advertising Sales

David grew up on a farm in Union City, MI. While in high school in the '70s, David's passion for archery blossomed when shooting a Bear Recurve. After graduation he joined the Marine Corp. and spent most of his military career stationed at Camp Pendelton in California. At the end of his enlistment David moved his family back to Michigan to his beloved woodlands and lakes. David has always been an avid outdoor enthusiast and hunter. He is an active member of the Michigan Longbow Assoc., Professional Bowhunters Society., Michigan Bowhunters, Michigan Traditional Bowhunters, and Compton Traditional Bowhunters. He and his wife Tracey are owners of St. Joe River Bows and Thunderbird Archery. David joined the team at Traditional Bowhunter Magazine in January 2015. Please contact David if you would like to talk with him about your advertising needs. He can be reached by phone at 517-317-4101, or email him at

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