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Campfire Stories

A collection of stories about hunting with traditional bows.

Some are new stories, and some were published in past issues of Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine.

Pockets of Paradise

I pulled my truck into the opening next to the farm’s outbuildings and gathered my gear. It was a quick 250-yard walk down the gravel service road to where my pop-up blind sat [...]


It was one of those cold crisp fall mornings with calm winds and the promise of a warm sunny day to follow. I was spending the morning 20 feet up in my favorite [...]

Dad’s Deer

“Hi Chris, I think I hit a doe tonight. Give me a call when you get a chance.” That was the message on my phone. My dad, who had finally retired from a [...]

The Greatest Chase

November 17th was a blustery day in the hardwood hills of northern New Jersey. Good conditions to hide my noise and movement by the rustling leaves. However, it was getting a little late [...]

My Crippled Season

I could barely walk. How was I going to scout, bow hunt and possibly recover a deer? What about the fact that there happened to be bear on the property? I managed to [...]

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