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Campfire Stories

A collection of stories about hunting with traditional bows.

Some are new stories, and some were published in past issues of Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine.

Interview with Roark Brown of Homer Ocean Charters

Near the end of a long spit stretching out almost 4.5 miles into Kachemak Bay from the fishing town of Homer, Alaska near the tip of the Kenai peninsula sits a small, A-framed [...]

Redfish and Crawfish

Winters are hard on the high desert of Idaho that I call home. Although I thoroughly enjoy living out in the vast Snake River Plain, the winters are long, cold, and windy. After [...]

Their Time—Take Kids Bowhunting

Getting kids involved in archery (particularly in bowhunting) is one of my life’s primary goals. As a single dad, I influence and mold my children in countless ways. Since they have no other [...]

Last Day Luck

A return to the basic principles of bowhunting makes for a more enjoyable and successful hunt. It had been raining for three days, and the forest was soaked. I had not planned on [...]

Aldo Leopold and the Search for a Land Ethic

Chick, chick…chick, chick…chick, chick: the sound carried clearly through the dreary October morning air, closing quickly to within a few yards. With the beat of my heart the only other sound I could [...]

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