In the field, and especially while hunting, I rarely carry my bow square. A while back I got into the habit of putting a thin black line at my brace height when I crest my arrows. No matter where I go, or what the weather conditions may be, I always have a fast and easy way to check that my brace height is correct. Recently I stopped doing this and have missed having the mark on my arrows while at shoots, so I thought I would start again and share the idea with you.

The procedure is very simple:

  • I check my bow with my square to make sure the brace height is properly set.
  • I nock an un-crested arrow and make a mark at the brace height with a pencil.
  • Then I transfer this line onto my cresting pattern so that all the arrows will be marked in the same location.

While cresting, I place a super thin black line at the brace height. Make sure to check the first arrow on your bow before cresting all your arrows.

Now when I’m in the field, and my arrows are not performing as expected, I have a fast and easy way to confirm that the problem is me and not my bow! Happy shooting everyone.