About Patrick Shannon

Patrick lives in St. Charles, Illinois with his wife, Mary Ellen, and two children, Jack and Maddy. He likes to fish the Fox River and hunt the woods of southern Illinois. He started Salt Creek Archery, which provides wooden arrows and other products to the traditional community.

Camouflage or Concealment?

When a hunter goes into the woods, he is at a disadvantage. The game he pursues has better eyesight, an ability to hear at greater distances, and a far more acute nose. Game animals also have a natural instinct to sense danger. One way a hunter tries to tilt the odds in his [...]

Camouflage or Concealment?2020-01-06T08:05:39-07:00

I Felt Like A Bowhunter When I Felt Nothing At All

Like most bowhunters, I started out small; a hand-me-down recurve, a few scattered arrows, and limited knowledge passed down from my dad and an uncle. My dad was a traditional bowhunter, but back in the early '70s it seemed that everyone was. Although he wasn't a great hunter, he gave me a good [...]

I Felt Like A Bowhunter When I Felt Nothing At All2019-07-03T09:05:53-06:00

A Visit to Custom Archery

In downtown Chicago, the intersection of Madison Avenue and State Street is the heart of the city. It is the dividing line between the north side and the south side, it separates the city east and west, and it has been the meeting place for reuniting veterans, blind dates, and Christmas shoppers. The [...]

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