If you bowhunt in cold weather, then you probably have faced the challenge of keeping your hands warm while keeping an arrow on the string. Once I’m safely up in my treestand, I hang my bow on a tree limb with an arrow nocked and ready, and then keep my hands in my coat pockets. While there are commercial methods available to hold the arrow, I do not want to drill or glue anything to my bow. My alternative solution is almost free, very easy to make, and worked great last fall.

To make one, modify a paper clip by forming a small eyelet, and cut off the excess (see photograph). Then, attach a rubber band to the inside of the eyelet, which will keep it attached when it’s not looped around the arrow.

If your bow has a wrapped handle, slide the paper clip inside the wrap on the backside of the riser. If your bow does not have a wrapped, slip a section of bicycle inner tube over the riser and slide the paper clip into it.

Once on the stand, loop the rubber band around the arrow and slip the loose end onto the outside of the paper clip eyelet to hold the arrow.

When you are ready to shoot, slide the rubber band away from the paper clip, and it will move out of the way allowing you to draw and release without interference.