Hunting season is just around the corner, and Archery Golf is a great way to stretch your legs and bow limbs. The basic idea is to set up target “pucks” at different distances with surrounding hazards such as rocks and trees, then count the number of shots it takes to hit or knock over each puck. We make our pucks out of cardboard carpet rolls about 5″ in diameter and 12″ tall.

You’ll need a large open area that allows several shots to be taken at each target. We lay out 14 “holes,” but depending on the space and time you have to play, the number may be increased or decreased. In our group, the number of shots for each puck is counted until you can touch the puck with an arrow on the bowstring while standing where your last shot landed. The person with the fewest total shots for all the targets wins. There is not a PAGA (Pro Archery Golf Association) to my knowledge, so the course and rules may be set up anyway you like.

Traditional bows are perfect for this game. Compound shooters tend to have a tougher time with Archery Golf. They generally use arrows and vanes that are so small and fast that they disappear in flight.

Plan ahead and start a meal in the Dutch oven before you begin playing and it will be ready when you finish the round. Be safe and have fun!