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The best recipes and methods for preparing your wild game.

Summer Turkey Salads

Summer is often the “salad” season for folks. I know my garden is light and green at that time. I'll often find myself foraging greens, picking berries and getting a sunburn. Red meat, most of my freezer, does not call as loudly to me. So I start looking around for the extra grouse or the cottontail in the freezer. But the king of a good summer menu is wild turkey. Below is a trio of easy salads that [...]

Pan Roasted Wild Turkey with Caramelized Oranges

It is not a big patch of ground, but it is my patch…kind of. You see, I am willing to walk longer, crawl farther and basically put up with a bunch of access BS to get to the land. My tenacity gets me something special: un-hunted turkeys. An awesome find that only two others know about, and I'll keep it that way.It's these birds I return to each spring -- two per year, no more. They fill my larder [...]