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Campfire Stories

Hunting Stories from Traditional Bowhunting legends.

Thoughts On Turkey Shots

As hunting wild turkeys becomes more popular, I talk to quite a few folks who really like to pursue the big birds with bow and arrow. After hunting turkeys for thirty or so [...]

Bowfishing Circa 1947

Bowfishing has become an increasingly popular sport. Some of us indulge in it during the off-season to keep hands and eyes tuned for big game hunting in the fall, while others see it [...]

Queen of the Roost

It had started all wrong, as if to remind me of my past turkey troubles. My first and middle names should be procrastination and stubborn, respectively. My husband Denny had tried to get me [...]

Beagles and Traditional Bows

As big game seasons wind down for another year, many bowhunters begin hanging up their equipment. For some, the cold winter months’ short days and snow covered earth dampen the archery enthusiasm that [...]

Morels—A Bowhunter’s Spring Bonus

Spring is a magical season when simply being outdoors can feel exhilarating. Turkey hunting and mushroom foraging are two of my favorite springtime activities. Combining the two can yield a daily double of [...]

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