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Venison Jerky

Long hours spent in the field, whether on stand, spot and stalk, or still-hunting require a snack break. For a variety of reasons, I suggest that homemade venison jerky just might be the perfect food for such occasions

Binocular Attachment

I have a Crooked HornĀ® binocular harness, which is a really good product, but I have found it hard to use while wearing my treestand safety harness. My idea was to make a quick-connect system that holds my binoculars to my safety harness.

Straighten That Arrow

On occasion, I need to straighten an arrow. Since necessity is the mother of invention, I made an arrow straightening tool

Loop the Lines

As summer approaches, bowfishing is a great way to stay in shooting shape and have a little fun at the same time. Before long, folks will begin to wonder when the carp will start spawning, and it will be time to go bowfishing again.

Camo Tape

There was a recent thread on the forum about shiny bow limbs and temporary camoflage options. That got me thinking about an easy and affordable way to temporarily cover the limbs of my bow without damaging the beautiful finish

Hot Enough For Ya?

We are coming up on the BBQ season and foodborne illness is a huge risk. It was recently discovered that sun-warmed raw onions in the potato salad are more likely to cause a belly ache than the mayo that always got the bad rap.

What A Drag

I carry a 5' kid's sled in my vehicle from September through February, which is my entire bow season. After harvesting an animal, I lay it onto the sled

Broadhead Wrench

I have been shooting recurves for more than 50 years, and making Flemish bowstrings for decades. The other day I was tying on a bowstring nock...

Put Some Punch Into Your Carbon Arrows

Wood arrows are my favorite for most of my shooting, but in some hunting situations the consistency and strength of carbon make it a better choice. I like to use 600+ grain arrows for hunting. Brass inserts and heavy broadheads help to increase the FOC, but my arrows still need additional weight that's distributed throughout the shaft