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Traditional Bowhunter Photo Gallery Upload your favorite pictures of camp life, your bow, or your latest animal hunted. Click on an image to enlarge it. *These photos are for our website ONLY. We don't automatically submit them for the print magazine. For instructions to submit to the print magazine see the article Traditional [...]

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Ron La Clair Recites “The Legacy”

Ron La Clair, a traditional bowhunting legend in his own right, recites the following poem to the children at the Compton Traditional Bowhunters' 2017 Rendezvous. I think the adults were entertained as well. Ron has written many poems and songs about archery, and if you ever get a chance to hear [...]

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Digital Issue: Aug/Sep 2017

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Keep Your Cooler, Cooler!

To help foods stay frozen in your ice chest, freeze a brine solution in a reusable container and place it into the chest. A frozen brine solution is slower to melt than ice and will keep food frozen longer.   Fill a clean milk jug with water, leaving about 1" of space for [...]

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How to Set Up a Traditional Bow

In this bow hunting tip, Damon Bungard shows you how to set up a Bear Takedown Bow. Setting up your new bow is always exciting, and it can also be relatively quick and easy. After unboxing, he shows you how quickly you can be in your own backyard tuning your new [...]

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Survival Craft—Fire and Food

In this video by Clay Hayes he shares his two "Free Range Kids" gathering wood, building a fire and cooking wild edible plants for lunch. These are many of the skills that we all can learn, even if we didn't grow up living so close to nature. It's never to late [...]

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Digital Issue: Jun/Jul 2017

Featured Articles Bicycling for Rosies by Tom Vanasche Elk on Bended Knee by Robb Sager Elk Tactics for Traditional Bowhunters by Louis Phillippe The Ground Game by Jeff Stonehouse Prairie Goats and Gumbo Backcountry by Sandy Harris The Woods Look Different at Night Interview by Kay Koppedrayer Jim and Sandra Belcher: [...]

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Digital Issue: Apr/May 2017

Featured Articles Longbow Longbeard! by Darren Haverstick Tideline by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Snow Bird by Robb Sager The Learning Process by G. Fred Asbell Scent, Sight, Sound and Sixth Sense by Aram von Benedikt Old Tackle Teaches A Lesson by Bill McCrary Protect Against Identity Theft by Marv Cochran Arco [...]

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Digital Issue: Feb/Mar 2017

Featured Articles With a Little Help From My Friends by Lee Yoakam Incredible Journey by Boyd Burnett A Magical Hunt by Spice Prince Tatanka by Tom Vanasche Handcuffed by Bryce Lambley Tailfeathers by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. The Deep Hook by G. Fred Asbell The Hollow Spot by Jeff Stonehouse From [...]

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Easy Field Clean Up

After field dressing game, whether a deer or a couple of squirrels, it's nice to have some soap and water handy for washing.

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