About T. J. Conrads

T. J. Conrads is the Editor, Publisher and Founder of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. He has written many articles over the years, and has also written two excellent books: The Traditional Bowhunter’s Handbook and Campfire Reflections.

Nock Fit

When Dacron was the only bowstring material used, almost every nock commercially available would fit snugly on a bowstring. Today many bowyers are building bows that can shoot Fast Flight or other non-stretch string material. These new materials are much stronger and much thinner than Dacron, so a smaller number of strands are [...]

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Glassy Eyed

From The Traditional Bowhunter's Handbook If you want to take high quality, life-like images of your trophy in the field, you ought to keep a set of taxidermy glass eyes in your hunting pack. When you get ready to shoot your photos, simply slip the glass eyes over the animal's eyes and under [...]

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In Search of 44-L

I was slipping out from the drawn-out awards program at the Pope and Young Club’s banquet in Phoenix two years ago when a good friend, Pete McKeen of K&P Outfitting, asked me to stop by his booth. “Hey, I have a slot open at Skinny Lake in 2016 if you want to come [...]

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