Oct/Nov 96


The Bushytail Connection by Sam Fadala
Goats and Misses Mrs. by Connie Renfro
Face-To-Face Black Bear by Patrick Meitin
Stickbows Go To Africa by Bryce Lambley
A Family Tradition by Tim Moerlein
Say “Yes” to Corn by Darryl Quidort
Luck of the Draw by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Traditional Archery in Austria by Dr Dietmar Vorderegger
The Great Adventure by Dale A. Klug
The Return by Dick Robertson
Rocky Mountain High by Roy Marlow
Earth ArcheryÑInterview w/Nick Nydegger by Stoney Jackson
Whispering Wind ArrowsÑAn Interview w/Bob Burton by Ed Douglass
Native American by Al Herrin Hunting Squirrels
Video Reviews by Mark & Allen Building Your Own Longbow, Recurve etc.
Video Reviews by Mark & Allen Byron Ferguson’s Most Amazing Archery Shots

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