Counting CoupÉOn Who? by Joelle Selk
Metropolis in the Trees by Susan Walter
Stalked on the Little Tok by Dennis Lattery
Pope & Young’s 23rd Biennium Convention by Nathan L. Andersohn
Confessions of a (Would Be) Baby Killer by David Petersen
Integration by Dave Sigurslid
Living a Bad Dream by Arlie Braley
Dad’s Best Shot by David G. McAllan
The Forty-Dollar Game Cart by Jason R. Wesbrock
Pepper by J. Robert Davis
It Had To Be The Hat by G. Fred Asbell
The Hunter’s Moon by Charles A McDonald
Take ’em With You by Rollie Johnson
Coues DeerÑGhosts of the Desert by Nathan L. Andersohn
Larry YienÑInterview with a Champion by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
The Tales of Talon by Bob Radocy Sabertooth Killer
Game Profile by Gene Wensel Whitetail deer
Traditional Destinations by T. J. Conrads MacKay Lake, Northwest Territories for caribou
The Camp Chef by Guy Perkins All I Want for Christmas IsÉCooking Stuff