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Alaska on Layaway by Jake Downs
Three in Three Days by Chad Sivertsen
Kalahari by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Twenty Feet Closer to God by Andri Elko
The Ground Game by Jeff Stonehouse You Can’t Eat Tusks
Paul Schafer Profile by Paul Brunner
To Skin a Cat by Various Authors Tents
Backcountry by T. J. Conrads Be Safe Out There!
Traditional Wisdom by Chris Walker Scent Control on a Budget
Black Bears and Waterholes by Nathan L. Andersohn
Can We Trust the Public Doctrine? by Ryan W. Theiler
Other Reasons to Bowhunt by Jorge Coppen
Satisfaction by Sandy Harris
Traditional Archives by Duncan Pledger Hard Luck Casey
Traditional Shooting by G. Fred Asbell Stop Thinking
Morning Paradox by Jerry Keck
Book Reviews by David Tetzlaff Hunt Simple by Bill Carman; Bushcraft Illustrated by Dave Canterbury
The Trailhead by Fred Timmermans The Clicker Gadget
Campfire Philosopher by Jason R. Wesbrock Safety and Stupidity