Spotted Deer, Friendly Isle by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Working Vacation, West Texas Style by Denny Sturgis, Jr.
Bow BunniesÉWithout The Beagle by Rick Buser
Lions by Monty Browning
The Switch by Kirby Kohler
Warmed Up? by Dave Cole
Bowhunting Misses by Roy Marlow
Walking the Walk by Sam Fadala
Bigfoot and the Cart by Marv Cochran
Winds of Change by T.J. Conrads
Stuff-It! by Pete Charton
Shooting by G. Fred Asbell
A Commitment to Youth by Marv Clyncke
Pluto in Sagittarius by Thomas Morrell
Bob MorrisonÑA Look at Morrison Archery by Mark Hicks