Aotearoa by Monty Browning
High Ridge Hunt by Joseph Barsch
Larry’s Brilliant Brace of Birds by William J Josler
My Dark Obsession by George M. Stamps
Thirteen Years by Dino Fanelli
Number Five Arrow by J. R. Davis
The Elusive Instinctive Anchor by G. Fred Asbell
The Long Fall Home by Reg Darling
Sheep’s Clothing by Richard Mann
King of the Mountain Caribou by Tom Vanasche
Smiling Down by Kevin Tallon
Last Minute Bulls by Ted Fry
Elk, Arrows & Horne Bows by Marv Clyncke
The Tales of Talon by Bob Radocy Kojiba’s Kill
Game Profile by Doug Borland Dall Sheep
Traditional Destinations by Jack Ford Valles Caldera, New Mexico
The Camp Chef by Guy Perkins A Weekend at Cee Dub’s