Eerie Prophecies: It Was Meant To Be by Jorge L. Coppen
One Moose of a Challenge by Dennis Dunn
The Tribute Hunt by Bryan Burkhardt
Soaked to the Bone by Jeff Stonehouse
Traditional Shooting by Jason R. Wesbrock Keeping a Log Book
Backcountry by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Backcountry Orientation
Summer Heights by Mark Nelson
The Ground Game by G. Fred Asbell The Tree Ripper
To Skin a Cat by Various Authors Optics
Fall Foraged Game Garnishes by Eric Kelly
The Debate: To Bait or Not to Bait by Bob Steiner
Traditional Wisdom by Bill Carman Field Dressing—Now What?
Golden State Hog by Demetri Voelker
Bowyer’s Corner by John Spezzano Living Longbows
Traditional Archives by T. J. Conrads The Thompson Brothers
Book Reviews by David Tetzlaff Dawn of American Deer Hunting Volume II; Stalking the Wild Jerky
The Trailhead by Duncan Pledger Dress Rehearsal
Campfire Philosopher by Krista Holbrook Another Nail in the Coffin