Apr/May 96


Preserving Bowhunting’s Past by Stoney Jackson
Traveling in the Dark by Michael S. Dameron
A Match Made in Heaven by Roger “Bear” Murray
A Sheep Hunter’s Diary by Marlon Clapham
Pam’s Moose by Pam Bartush
Bread & Butter by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Cat’s, Bowhunting & LifeÑAn Interview with O.E. Linsin by Marv Cochran
Palmer Bow CompanyÑInterview w/Mike Palmer by Roy Marlow
A Shot from the Past by Joe St. Charles Art vs The Walrus
Self Wood Bow by Dean Torges Ways & Means
Native American by Al Herrin Cornstalk Shooting
Book Review by T.J. Conrads The Rarest Works of Saxton Pope
Video Reviews by Mark & Allen Archery, Its History and Forms & Jaws and Claws
Traditional Questions and Answers by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. & Joe St. Charles

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