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    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      You think that laying your bow next to fresh elk turds might make for a nice picture:

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      Or when your wife casually mentions over dinner with friends that she never thought she’d marry someone who owns as much plaid as you do…:

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      Or your guest bedroom looks like this for at least half the year:

    • Robin Conrads
      Post count: 916

      How did you get pictures of our guest room without us knowing you were here? Laughing

    • William Warren
      Post count: 1384

      Yep, you got it bad, but it takes one to know one….Cool

    • rnorris
      Post count: 88

      I completely relate to those 3 pictures. Awesome!

    • Phantom_SixZero
      Post count: 6

      Love the thread

    • Stephen Graf
      Post count: 2371

      Not to change the course of this thread, but I was sitting here looking at the thread, and reading a book at the same time… The book is titled “The bow builders Book”. It’s about european bows.

      Anyway the first page of the book has the following written in it: “Tradition means not picking up the ashes, but passing on the flame – Ricarda Huch”

      Your tag line is :

      “Tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire.”

      – G. Mahler

      Crazy coincidence hah? I wonder who came first…

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      Nice catch! Mahler and Huch were contemporaries. I like to imagine them coming up with it together, over a bottle of Jægermeister.

    • wahoo
      Post count: 415

      please forward all photos to my wife. She thinks we are the only folks with bows and shotguns in our spare room. Luv the thread. Have a great holiday season .

    • hunterbow
      Post count: 11

      ok ya`ll someone has been in my house taking pictures to who was it:lol:

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      Now see? While I envy (in some ways, lol) those of you with happy and loving spouses I definately have an advantage in this area NOT having one.

      Spare room? Half a year? HA……Ive got arrows stacked or in barrels in every room but the bathroom, cause it’s dangerous getting out of the shower with “sharp objects” nearby. 😆

      Bows “get lost” and sometimes I have to go look for my “latest and greatest” purchase, heart hammering that “maybe I lost it somewhere?”.

      It’s abnormal for one to be able to see all of my kitchen table due to fletching tools, broadheads, files, hones, feathers, duco, barge, hunks of leather, pliers etc. Never know when I might “need” something.

      Yeah, yeah…..I need to reorganize but……as for the thread topic?

      “You know you might be wired different” if you paid more for your last old bow to hunt with than you did for the only vehicle you have to drive. 😕 (that I also couldnt have done m mm mmm m…uh if not living alone.)

      Neat stuff in those photos, BTW. Let me know when you are having a yard sale. OK? 😀

      God Bless
      Steve Sr.

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Hiya Hunterbow, and welcome aboard. I love it when an older great (funny is always great) thread like this is discovered in the graveyard and gets new life. 😀

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