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    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      A nice little video of Yana Robertson bowhunting elk in Montana. I wish more hunting vids were like this!!

      DIY406 Elk from Liberty Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

      Warning: There are a few brief glimpses of the guy hunting with Yana, and he’s carrying a compound. Watching this video may encourage the controversial opinion that trad and compound hunters can actually put aside their deep-seated differences on occasion, and maybe even have a good time together. Watch at your own risk.

    • DK
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      Is someone going to say something. :oops

      Pretty awesome

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      I think it’s great to see Yana really coming into her own as a spokesperson for trad bowhunting, and traditional hunting values. We could use more like her.

    • Stephen Graf
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      So being somewhat goofy, I didn’t get the part about all the signs… Are all those companies really located out there, or was that a sponsor add thing?

      I’l be out in Montana for some back country trout fishing / ground squirrel thumping this July with my boy. Hopefully I can thump some ground squirrels then. Haven’t looked into it yet.

      I’m such a winer, but the sound could have been better. Had the volume turned up all the way to hear it. But I am a bit on the deaf side.

      But it got me all torqued up to go hunting, so it was a good one.

    • tailfeather
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      I like it…..Yeah, the sponsor signs at the beginning were a little goofy, but still better than the way most “hunting vids” bash you over the head with product placement b.s. There have been a few videos like this lately that are thoughtfully done and quite enjoyable to watch.

      I sort of keep up with her and her family via these here interwebs. I think she could make a good spokesperson for what we all love to do.

    • David Fudala
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      I thought this was a well thought out presentation. I nice change of pace that shows that a harvest does not need to be the focal point of video to show how much there is to truly appreciate out there!

    • Ptaylor
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      Great video. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • David Becker
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      Nice. She seems like a cool person. Hopefully there are a bunch of tween and teenage girls out there that are finding her much cooler than Lyndsay Cyrus and etc…

    • wojo14
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      Great video!!!

      i love Trad videos with real life stories about the hunt, not always about the trophy on the wall!

      Although, the trophy is nice…8)

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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    • Greg Szalewski
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      Good video, to the heart. Hope she connects soon.

    • David Coulter
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      Very nice. Thanks for posting this. I’m going to see if I can find any more of her hunts. I’ll be showing this to my daughter. best, david

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