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    • blacktail
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      i lived in the bitterroot 8yrs ago.and there seemed to be alot more open land and whitetails in the area…i moved back 1month ago and it seems that every thing is bought up and fewer deer…I think there is some trouble between public land in the root and the wolves…if i am here next year it sound like i will be hitting the selway/bitter root wilderness for elk…do you think its possible to start an organization for bitterroot whitetails…

    • MCuiksa
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      I would think it would be hard to start a new organization for such a cause (especially in this economy). First, it’s a local problem so I would think members would tend to be local which would limit funding. Also, since whitetails are flourishing (here in the midwest at least) I don’t see outside money being sent your way.

      A few things come to mind: Is there another organization that supports whitetails in your area? Here in the midwest (maybe they are national??) there’s a group called Whitetails Unlimited. I’m not endorsing them as I don’t know anything about them – they might be legit or they might be the “let’s plant food plots and kill deer with big racks” group.
      As far as urban sprawl, maybe Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is the way to go. Again, I don’t know a lot about them. Several on this forum support them and I’m checking into it. I will probably be a Supporting Member very soon.
      Lastly, support whoever is on the right side of the wolf debate. I don’t know who that is or what you can do but I bet since you live where the problem is there are a lot of resources to turn to.
      Summarizing – support groups who are established, I can’t imagine you can start a group that will make a difference in the near future. Just my thoughts. Mike.

    • David Petersen
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      Blacktail — BHA is the group for you. I am a life member. We are dedicated to protecting public lands fish and wildlife habitat and also fight any laws, local to national, that would harm that habitat and thus outdoor sport. Greg Munther is the chair of the MT BHA chapter and I think they have a website. The national site is http://www.backcountryhunters.org. I’m sure you could join and with BHA’s support start a local group for protecting whitetail habitat. TBM has run BHA ads in every issue for years and are big supporters. Good luck. dave

    • stalkin4elk
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      Check the latest BUGLE by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and read about the wolf study that is started and ongoing in the Bitterroot. I am very interested to see the results. We need to know why calf elk numbers are so low the herd is having problems sustaining itself while calf numbers were quite respectable before wolves. Several areas in Mt. have reduced or eliminated cow elk seasons while other areas are doing ok since wolf reintroduction.
      I am not tring to rehash any wolf debates here but simply let you know the biologists now have a quality study underway and you may do what you wish when the results are in.

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