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    • David Petersen
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      Reminds me of my own “hunting” dogs. Or myself on a bad day. 😆

    • SteveMcD
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      I’m speechless!!! 😯 I can’t talk! That was hysterical!!!:lol:

    • Nate Bailey
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      David Petersen wrote: Reminds me of my own “hunting” dogs. Or myself on a bad day. 😆


      ouch, my gut hurts

    • Rogue
      Post count: 84

      I think having that dog on the woods would be considered baiting.:lol:

    • WICanner
      Post count: 136

      I guess that is “Counting Coup” on the part of the deer. That dog was clueless, does that count?

    • Troy Breeding
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    • skifrk
      Post count: 387

      Now that was funny

    • FUBAR
      Post count: 252

      lol. The dog was looking around afterwards thinking “Have you seen my arse, that deer just kicked it”:lol:

    • strait-aero
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    • Crookedstick
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      Someone ought to shoot that deer for running dogs!

    • JodyS
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      I think that poor dog was dazed by all the ozone being emitted from the hunter’s ozone scent prevention system.

Viewing 10 reply threads
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