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    • tombow
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      Would like to hear some responses about wood arrows. Yes, I am researching the topic hard-core to am gathering info. I’ve been shooting carbons but the mystique and artistry of wood arrows has piqued my interest. Here’s what I am looking for:

      1.Bow specs (Bow type: Recurve or Longbow and X lbs. @28 or ?”

      2.Your draw-used to estimate poundage delivered to the arrow

      3. Shaft Material

      4. Spine rating at full length or actual finished arrow length

      5. Length of arrow

      6. Feather number and feather length

      7. Point weight

      8. Any other details which effect the spine of the original wood shafts such as finish, cresting, ya know, DETAILS.

      If you would Pictures of finished arrows would also be appreciated. I have been really getting into the “nuts and bolts” of archery equipment and have developed the skills to fletch well consistently so I guess the next hill to climb is wood arrows, so any info that you can throw at me would be greatly appreciated by myself and, I’m sure other folks would be interested so PLEASE, would ya, huh?

      Thanks in advance my trad brudders and sisters,



    • skifrk
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      There was a guy posting by the name of Derek or went by BountyHunter on here he created custom arrows that are works of art. He can help with some of the specs. Also have you tried the calculator by Stu Miller to help setup an arrow bow combo.


    • wildschwein
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      Currently shooting a center shot reflex/deflex longbow that weighs in at 35# @ 28″.

      My draw is exactly 28″.

      Arrows are POC 40-45 spine at a 30″ length, and weigh around 450 grains (give or take 15 or so).

      Feathers are 3-4.5″ parabolic.

      Point wieght is 125-150 grains. Broadheads of choice are Zwickey Eskimos and Wensel Woodsmans. Both fly perfect.

      Arrows are made by 3 Rivers (pics of them on their site)

      Shoot like darts, and penetrate quite well on the small game I hunt with it. Been able to knock down a gopher, squirrel and two beavers with it in 2012.

    • tombow
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      Thanks fellahs. Yup, I have been ALL OVER the stu miller calculator since I discovered it. So far I have received responses which tend to indicate that guys are using a bit heavier spine than might be indicated by bow poundage. In other words, 55-60 pound draw weights using 70-75# spine shafts. Interesting. Is this case where heavier spine yields quicker paradox-recovery and better downrange flight?

      Thanks again and best of luck,



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