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    • fattony77
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      I’m looking more seriously at trying wood arrows and have quite a few questions and surely will have more to come. I’d also like to find the answers without having to post what will surely be repeated topics and common knowledge to many of our members. My questions range from basic beginner stuff to the physics of why (and how) things will or won’t work. Can you guys tell me of any comprehensive reference material that could explain things for me strictly in the arrow department? Preferably a book or DVD? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony.

    • lyagooshka
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      Before investing much time and effort, look it up on YouTube. Just search “making wood arrows” or something of the like. It will, at least, give you an idea of what’s in store, and it’s free. After that, maybe get some suggestions on books/DVDs. Also, look up stuff on sites like 3RiversArcery. They have books and videos. Also, one of the sites has some videos that include what materials they use so you can order them more easierly 😕 . Hope this helps. Be well.



    • Troy Warner
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      A book I continually use for references in about everything for tuning and making my own arrows is “The Traditional Bowhunters Hand book” by TJ Conrad. It covers what you need to know including the basics of that boring physics jiberish. 😕


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