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    • manulaborda1978
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      I m from Argentina and I dont speak or write english since 1996.
      I want to now benefits of carbon arrows and why i ll must change my aluminium ones? I use a recurbe bow 61 @ 29 with 2219 super slam and stinger 125 since 2001.



    • bruc
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      I’m not an expert Manu but I don’t think you have to change! If the aluminum arrows are working for you, in terms of shooting properly, then that’s all you need. I sometimes think that aluminum arrows are a little under-rated.:wink:

    • Bloodless
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      Hello down there! If you are getting good clean kills with your setup, absolutely no need to change. The advantages of carbon mostly have to do with their ability to provide extreme forward-of-center (EFOC) shaft balance — lots of weight up front on a light shaft — which unarguably gives more penetration and thus better kills. If you want to maximize the penetration and lethality of your current aluminums, go to heavy two-blade heads, like the Brown Bear or Grizzly El Grande, preferably single-bevel. Wood arrow shooters also have problems getting EFOC. What is your biggest, toughest game animal there?

    • George D. Stout
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      No need to change anything. The aluminum arrow works as well today as when it was used originally. I have used them since the 1960’s and see no need to change. The differences are actually “arguable” since the effectiveness of aluminum arrows and standard fronts-of-center, combined with regular style broadheads have been proven over decades of use, on all game from sparrows to elephants. The only obligation you really have is to make sure that arrow setup is flying perfectly, and you hit where you are supposed to hit, because nothing will make up for a bad shot. 😆

    • manulaborda1978
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      thanks George, I dont go to change my arrows. we are a few trad bow hunters in Argentina and We have not Anyone to learn. I must learn myself.



    • Bert
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      Buenas dias, Manu, welcome to the site!
      You’ll find alot of info here. Most of us shoot arrows made of anything, as long as they fly right for your setup and do what you want on the terminal end. But,we Norte Americanos, can’t leave well enough alone and have to constantly tinker- it’s in our blood!
      Dr. Ed Ashby, on this site, has decades of all aspects of arrow performance and it is well worth considering his experiments and observations- Cuidado!-you may catch the bug! Check out KingWouldBe’s photos and setups on the Ashby leathality and Big Game forums- some HUGE porkers!- Do they have the same in Argentina?
      Also, on the Campfire forum, under Hunting Public Land, are posts by a fellow bow brother from Spain-hbasajaun- who gives a Spanish website- http://www.cazandoconarco.es- and though I don’t read Espanol, it looks like some info that may be helpful to you in traditional archery.
      Adios, compadre and keep shooting and we promise not to cry for you, Argentina!-Sorry, couldn’t resist!!!!!

    • Hiram
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      More durable
      Smaller diameter
      Easier to front load weight internally
      Lighter weight
      Do not bend

      Too expensive
      Not enough spine groups
      Smaller area to helical fletch feathers and vane
      They break
      Cannot heat the shaft to install components

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      Would you guys say that carbon arrows are more durable for stump shooting? I’m using alum. mostly because they are cheaper and easy to work on, but I do have a nice stack of bent ones. Even an innocent looking rotten stump can hide stone and ice. thanks.

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