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    • Ben M.
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      If you read the “What ya got goin’?” thread, you know that I’ve been making a lot of arrows for kids lately. I purchase nearly all my shafts (youth and adult) from one supplier. Out of curiosity, I’d like to know if there are other manufacturers out there who make wooden shafts for kids. Specifically, I mean shafts that are 1/4″ or 5/16″ in diameter, unspined/spined under 30#, and along the lines of 22″-28″ long.


    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      Ben, Kevin from Forrester wood shafts has 5/16 POC listed with a minimum spine of 30#. If anyone could help I bet he could.

      Hildebrand have the same (5/16, 30#)listed but in Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce.

      Lancaster have a ‘kids arrow’ listed too, 1/4″, “suitable for bows under 20#”, 24″ long, complete with fletching and tip for $2.50 a pop.


    • Ben M.
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      Thanks, Jim. Kind of you to do that research.

      See, I buy kid shafts–usually ash, hickory, or poplar–for $8/doz. I usually order 8 dozen shafts at a time and that keeps me set for awhile, although I’d like to ramp up my production and start selling kid “starter kits”: a bow with a half-dozen arrows. I’m wondering if anyone else has a shaft supplier that can match that sort of production. It’s not that I want to change suppliers necessarily; I just wonder if there’s anyone else out there selling kids’ shafts in that sort of quantity.

    • bmantzey
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