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      I ordered a custom longbow at the beginning of February. Spent alot of time on the phone with the Bowyer figuring out everything I wanted. He told me 6 months for the bow to be made. Well I never called him until the middle of July figuring it was probably about done and I was getting excited. He said there was a death in the family and he was going to be a little behind.i said I understand and to take care of everything he needs to take care of. I told him bow season wasn’t until the end of September and he says I would have it way before that. Well the end of August rolls around and still no bow. So I call back and he said he was gluing up the handle and laminates. Well its the end of September and bow season is in 2 days. I don’t know if I should call and see what’s going on or just wait it out. I just want to know when it will be here.

    • Stephen Graf
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      I’d say leave the guy alone. If you want the bow to come out as good as it can be, you don’t want the bowyer rushing or aggravated with you.

      Use a different bow. It serves no good purpose to push the guy. If he is just at the glueing up stage, it will be weeks before you get the bow. So no reason to cal back now.

      I know what you are feeling, wanting to get the new bow and use it… But that’s not going to happen now. Assuming the guy is on the up and up, you will get the bow, all in good time.

      Do yourself a favor and just don’t worry about it. And don’t hold a grudge. Custom Bows are more art than production. If you are buying into a custom bow, that’s what you are buying into.

      Go hunting, be happy.

    • Doc Nock
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      A death in the family can be a major event, depending: Estate settling, cleaning out stuff, moving survivors elsewhere…can be traumatic and very time-consuming. Then there is the emotional hang-over… 😡

      I see Steve’s point…no sense in trying to “push” for closure. You could end up with a poorly built bow. On the other hand, it’s a contract between you two. You agreed to a price, he agreed to a delivery date, which has now been truncated 2x… original and the 2nd one.

      That said, in your note, you typed “I understand and take care of everything [you] need to take care of He may have taken that a bit more literally than you meant it.

      I do not like dealing with vendors who are not communicative. A death can rattle you to your core, but to miss the “way before September” delivery and not contact you… ??

      It’s too late for your season, to get it wrung out and tuned, so again I take Steve’s view and suggest you give it more time.

      I faced the same thing once with a good bowyer and good guy. My wait time (on website and on phone)was 10-14 months— went 2.5 YEARS! I had regular contact with the guy on other areas of his expertise, but never asked about the bow… and I was complimented that I didn’t “bug” him. Then when I needed a bow for the 3rd season, I called and got cussed out! Ultimately, we “kissed and made up” but I went ahead and let him return my deposit to help him catch up. Later, on another site, it was suggested that some never got their deposit when he folded his tent.

      I think Steve’s advice has merit! But beware and check that bow well when it comes!

    • jpcjpc
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      A correct guy would propose to send your money back if a dead in his family made him out of correct work or respect delay

      If his works stops with this regrettable event his has to send your money back and not to tell his life

      Your problem with this buyer doesn’t smell very good ………………..

      They are plenty very good bowyers to give you satisfaction this one is not clean

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      I’m with Steve & Doc,

      Each of us deals with the death of someone close in our own ways. It can take months or longer for a person to feel back on their feet. The bowyer was honest with you and he probably wants to work on your bow when he is in the right frame of mind. If he’s an artist, then he’s a sensitive person that needs to be left to do his best in his own way. dwc

    • Bernie Clancey
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      I have to agree with the others who have said to give the guy a little more time. If he is at the glue up stage, then he is getting close and is taking his end of the deal seriously. If you have a reliable bow that you can use, then go with that. You will be happy with the finished product when it arrives and it is worth the wait to get a custom bow.

    • grumpygrumpy
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      I agree with JPC. Doesn’t smell right. If he can’t meet his commitment he should offer to return the deposit. You have a contract, and he is in default. You don’t KNOW that he is in the glue up stage, you don’t know a relative died, you only know what he has told you on the phone. When my son was in high school, he told his boss his grandmother died, so he could get time off to go to a concert. Since he had a new boss every year, his grandmother died three times. Right now Mom (the grandmother who died three times) is in a nursing home in New Hampshire and STILL thinks I need a haircut.

    • JamesG
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      I say get your deposit back. Period. Enough of this ‘artist’ nonsense. The man builds bows. The two of you agreed to a price and a timeline, either in a written or verbal contract. The bowyer needs to live up to his end of the contract. Too many of these ‘artists’ play fast and loose with other folks money and time. It’s time that these shysters pay a price. Some bowyers actually still do EXACTLY or BETTER than what they say they will do. Reward those bowyers and ignore the rest. Case in point, I ordered a Lil’ Creep with non standard riser wood from Great Northern Bow Co late last year. The big ice storm that hammered the upper Great Lakes area effected his shop. Bow was still done before his stated due date which was 8-10 weeks. Some bowyers say they have a 2 year or longer backlog. Sorry but I’m not sending one red cent to anyone for something that I have to wait two years to see. This is not rocket science, it’s building bows.

    • jpcjpc
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      It seems our friend WvSTICKMAN wants to be reassured more than anything else

      You must face the truth Your boyer is not correct, if the problem is so important to him he would have to offer you a refund before anything else

      let me tell you this :

      When I buy something, if the seller is not a friend I do not bought anything if seller do not accept paypal

      Never bad surprises this way

      Good luck

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      There you have it, Stickman. Both sides of the fence are covered. You’ll have to trust yourself to do what’s right and you’re the only one who can make that call. I wish you all the best with the situation. If you cancel your order, you’ll find a lot of guys who will give you excellent recommendations, including me.

      All the best to you, dwc

    • Patrick
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      Steve Graf wrote: Custom Bows are more art than production. If you are buying into a custom bow, that’s what you are buying into.

      Well said, Steve. Although, I must say, it’s much easier for those of us not waiting on said bow, to be so level headed. 🙂

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