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    • recurve man 91
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      hey everyone i was wondering what everyone does to protect there feathers if they are hunting in rain. because right before hunting season i acciently left my arrows out side for a little and a mist rolled in and all my fletching fell off, i dont know if it was what the company used to glue them on because i have never really seen this happen to vanes that my brother uses, but any help would help me a lot.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      I apply a little bit of Loon Aquel (floatant for dry flies), spreading it around in between my fingers first and then work it into the feather, and let it dry before going out. It doesn’t stiffen up at all. Do this a few times throughout the season.

    • Mark Turton
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      Recurve, whoever fletched your arrows needs to put this right they either have a problem with the finish on the arrows or adhesive they are using, no way should fog or mist have this effect.

    • Clay Hayes
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      Yea, properly glued feather don’t just fall off. I’ve shot frogs with feathered woodies and had them submerged time after time. No problem with falling off but they sure looked like hellSurprised

      As far as keeping them dry, I rubber band a bread sack over the fletchings while they’re in my bow quiver.

    • recurve man 91
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      thanks guys i didnt think they should of just fell off, i mean they didnt get that wet, they were the three rivers pre fletched arrows. last time i do that i guess

    • Stephen Graf
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      I wouldn’t give 3Rivers too much grief. They will replace the arrows no problem, I am sure.

      The super glues that they put feathers on with these days are super sensitive to humidity when applied. I have found that when the conditions are just right, you can put a feather on with super glue, let it dry, give it a tug. And it will be anchored tight. But wait a few days and the feathers will be on the floor…

      But it is a good lesson. If you get set up with a feather jig and start doing it yourself, you will never have feather problems in the future… expecially if you use a good adhesive like fletch flex. Takes longer than super glue, but will never fail on you…

    • Mark Turton
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      Steve, I cant see where it says the arrows were from 3Rivers, if it was 3Rivers then they have a reputation for standing behind their products.

      It’s my understanding that water acts as an accelerator for ‘super glue’.

      Agree with you a fletching jig is the way to go, I like the double sided adhesive 0 drying time and has never let me down.

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