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    • Bloodless
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      Well boys, we aren’t the only ones who seem to be disgruntled that a minority of ATV users are increasingly messing things up for the majority. At least in the West according to a recent poll conducted by Eastman’s trophy hunting magazine online — not exactly the most “liberal” among us, fair to guess. Yet those favoring some degree of harsher enforcement and punishment count up to some 95% of total votes, while those favoring the most stringent penalties the poll offered — confiscation of vehicles and loss of hunting privileges — got the single biggest vote, with more than a thousand sportsmen voting. This is really getting to be a civil war among hunters and other forest users and it’s hard to understand why the ATV folks continue blaming all the outlawry, habitat damage and social rudeness on “a tiny minority,” yet fight every effort to increase enforcement and punishment of that supposed minority. Something don’t calculate there.

    • Hiram
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      They should just enforce the laws on the books now! Same thing with Gun control. We have over 2,000 Firearms laws across the Country, we do not need any more! The Authorities are not pressured enough by the “Powers to be”, until their Jobs are at stake they will not “Get their Ass”. They just blew off the Atv’s where I was in Colorado last fall. The Rangers even talk to guys on ATV’s and never even admonish them. They go past the vehicle traffic areas into the “No zones” and tear up and run off the Game! It is a lack of enforcement! I understand enforcement cause I have written 100’s of tickets and put many a violator in the Hooskal in the last 24 years. They are blowing it off!:(

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      Amen to that Hiram, we don’t need more laws, we need more law enforcement where it is deserved.


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