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    • SteveMcD
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      Let’s start a thread. List the one thing you like best about bowhunting? Or hunting in general?

      For me.. it has always been….

      The experience of getting back to nature.

    • Treetopflier
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      Well Steve, I’ll have to think on this a while …. you said “like the most” so that means “the one best thing.” That’s the problem! I reckon it’s being alone in a quiet, undisturbed wild place where nothing knows it’s being hunted, or at least doesn’t know I”m there. I feel no pressure, no hurry, no nothing but “being here now.” This is the only time in life, or one of the best at least, when I feel I’m completely sane and “OK.” I guess I would say: I like the feeling of “This is it! This is what a natural man is meant to do. This is life at its purest and cleanest. Sorry to sound gushy, but traditional bowhunting is a very deep deal for me.:oops: snoops

    • Clay Hayes
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      This query could address so many different levels it’s difficult to even begin to answer. On the surface, it’s exhilarating to be so close to a big game animal that you’re sure they’ll hear your heart beating in your chest. Dig a little deeper and, for me, traditional bowhunting allows me to take part in the natural cycles and satisfy some primal and undeniable urge that screams from deep within.

    • Chris Shelton
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      This is a great thread, and a easy one for me. I like the versatility, that has always been the kicker for me. I know of guys that have shot squirrels with a 30-06 before(clean head shot!). But seriously, what other weapon can you shoot a squirrel or grouse, and ten minuets later shoot a big ole whitetail!? That is unique to our sport, and I think it really seperates us from the compound crowd, they will not shoot at a squirrel because the sound of the bow might scare that big buck, and that is actually what a compound freind said to me! I suppose there is nothing wrong with that, but what happened in my squirrel video happeneds often. In fact the first time out as a traditional bowhunter, I had shot at a squirrel, could have shot at turkeys(if only it were a week earlier), and put in a perfect 22 yard shot on a 5 year old buck on a big chunck of public land! Dont get no better than that!

    • lssa
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      i like the guietness of bowhunting and getting close to the deer

    • Ed Ashby
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      When all is just right, I’m as close as I’ll ever get to what once was; what made all mankind what we are.


    • Hiram
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      The things that I see, hear and smell. The Quiet time, and the drifting off into clear thinking. I like to fall asleep in the woods and wake up with long hair and a beard.:D

    • JEVANS
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      I guess its the piece that comes from being alone in the creation. There is no place were I feel closer to God. I feel like my heart and soul are open, and my mind is clear.

      Also, the experience of a new and different day were each moment is unique.

      If that makes any sence?

    • Bloodless
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      All good reasons! But my heart is with Doc Ashby (welcome back and I hope you’re all cured up!) and Snuffy — by doing it right I can realistically imagine what it felt like to be “primal man” who viewed God as a “great spirit” composed of endless small parts … every living thing had/has spirit and worth and demands our respect. Hunting right is the bridge to that primal way of viewing life and death. bb

    • SteveMcD
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      All good feedback Gents. Thanks. But you are all correct about one thing, it is a tough question, I should have realized that because it took me quite a few minutes to think about it too.

      I have a motive for this. Other than the standard survey data. I want to get actual feedback from Traditional Bowhunters. I would like to list all the reasons and use them as discussion in my next hunter ed certification class.

      Thank you all. And Good Hunting!

    • Rogue
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      It is tough to say what I like best. I dont believe that any one aspect stands out more than any other after all its all things combined that make it a hunt. I will say that hunting is the time of year that I feel truly free, treading the ground of our ancestors locked in a battle of wits with a full time professional at surviving.
      I love the description of the T-REX in jurassic park “He doesn’t want to be fed, he wants to hunt.”

    • Patrick
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      So many different angles to explore with that question. If the question is why do I like bowhunting as opposed hunting with some other equipment (rifle, etc.):
      It’s the up close and personal aspect of it. It requires a more intimate knowledge of your quarry.

    • Lousyhunter
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      The chance to take my bow for a walk, especially if it’s an area that I haven’t been in before.

    • SteveMcD
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      This is what I’m talkin about!

      When Nature gives you a gift. You sometimes need to be wise enough to know it. Went bow hunting with my longbow and quiver of self made arrows. The only deer I saw were the two that ran in front of my SUV. What I did experience was both breath taking …and exhilirating. A beautiful Sunrise. And at 10:45 a momma black bear and her two cubs came running up a near by fieldstone fence close to where I was sitting. She and her cubs were literally less than 10 yards away. Having as clean as possible scent free clothes, scent killer sprayed, and face mask. They never knew I was there. Momma was beautiful her coat was so full and jet black it was almost Blue! Cubs are cubs funny and cute. This could have been an extremely dangerous situation. I thought, should I stand up, shout at her, wave my hands. At this close range, her reaction could have been fatal (for me). I took a chance and thought, bears are naturally timid, any second she is going to suspect my presence, and take her cubs off in another direction. And that is what she did. These are the moments memories are made of. The ability to get that close to a wild animal, is a memory to keep forever.

      Another funnier experience today, walking down the county road. Here comes the Game Warden in his SUV he stops in the middle of the road and jumps out… and states in amazement he’s never encountered anyone hunting with a longbow before! He says heck, there ain’t nothing more sporting than this, I don’t even need to check your license! 😆

      We talked a bit. I told him about the bears. It was a rewarding day.

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      I know this describes more than one thing but here goes,
      The morning sun on my shoulders, my favorite bow in my hand, a book of verse in my pocket, and a well scouted location to hunt and see nature unfold before me.
      I especially love to sit on my stand long past dark and listen to the night ceatures come alive, then slowly make my way back to my truck in the dark. Of course, this requires an intimate knowledge of the woods you hunt and excellent vision.
      To Steve D, I agree that it is risky to be in close proximity to a sow with cubs. In my experience with bears almost all of them can be spooked off by stealthily breaking a small to medium sized stick. This will work on all but those that have become accustomed to human activity. But given the opportunity, I probably would have done as you did and choose to stay put. If they winded you that probably would have spooked them and then you could beat it in the opposite direction. Awesome story!

    • Rocks
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      Thats a hard question to answer.

      I’m just starting to hunt with traditional equipment, but have hunted since I was knee high to a grasshopper, so my answer is to the question what do I like most about hunting in general.

      A big part of it is the comeraderie with my hunting partners. Most of my hunting these days is spent with my brother, we both love to hunt, and we we have a great relationship because we hunt together. We didn’t always, in our 20’s and 30’s we barely saw each other, but have become very close the past 10 years because of the time we spend chasing critters. I also hunt with a couple of select friends, and the last couple years have started taking my eight year old daughter out, there is nothing more satisfying than teaching your kid about hunting and the great outdoors.

      But I also spend a good deal of time hunting alone. I’m at an age now where I enjoy all my time in the bush and it doesn’t matter if I kill an animal or not, I just enjoy being out there.

      So I guess “getting back to nature” is the short answer, but there is so much more that goes with that.

    • Voodoo
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      “What do I like best about bowhunting?” My answer…..The anticipation of things to come…..Whether it be the rising sun, the unknown adventure that awaits my first steps, the choices I make that would end one life to continue my own… it’s all important to me….I don’t live to hunt, I hunt .. to live, but it’s the anticipation that drives me…….

    • rayborbon
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      Time – spending time in the outdoors. Getting enough time to hunt a longer archery season where I live.

      Space – Not much competition for archery seasons so there is plenty of space to roam without worrying about getting into someone else’s way.

      Equipment – Raw gear that just works. Simple to use and instinctively applied. Nothing beats something you can build, repair and craft a solution to on your own if need be. There is also a high degree of nostalgic temptation and appeal to traditional archery. The returns are much more rewarding.

      Comeraderie – Fellow archers usually have a positive attitude towards one another and seem to be easier to get along with than other groups.

    • willhunthrd
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      As with everyone else I don’t have one answer.
      Bowhunting, Traditional bowhunting especially presents a simpler less cumbersome time alone in the woods. Each time I hunt, or for that matter just go out to shoot, one thing I like to do is put my footprint somewhere visible. I then think about all those who have hunted the same area with similar simple tools such as mine and left their footprints.
      Most importantly, this time allows me to appreciate the greatness of God the creator and His grace. Grace that has given me the ability to walk where I walk, see what I see, hear what I hear, smell what I smell.
      Eric Will

    • Lunar-tic
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      I hope I’m not repeating something that has already been written, but I don’t recall reading this. The reason I love to bowhunt is for the adventure that is about to play out before me. The not knowing what might happen at every tick of the clock, that will be ingrained in your memory forever. Be it good or bad. Hopefully more of the good, but regardless it’s your memory. That’s the kind of excitement that gets me out of bed at 4:30 AM when it’s 6-below outside. While a lot of people will never understand that, they also will never have experienced the kind of thrill we bowhunters do in their worlds, that don’t include the outdoors. We are the players not the fans.

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