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    • recurve man 91
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      i was wondering if using weight tubes in a arrow can stiffen the arrow spine, i want arrows from 3 rivers but they do not have my size. i want to shoot 125 grain broadheads but with a 2117 its to stiff but with a 2016 the arrow is to weak, and i am shooting a 50# fred bear grizzly, so i was just wondering if i can get the grain weight the same as or close to an arrow that flies straight will that work. thanks

    • Dpowers311
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      It could help by making the arrow heavier so you can shoot a broadhead that weighs less so spine becomes stiffer.


    • MontanaFord
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      Recurve, try a 2018 with your 125’s…that’s what I started with until I found out I was drawing incorrectly. Good luck.


    • BMejia
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      In my experiences, weight tubes will not effect your dynamic spine. However, the 8gpi tubes (again in my experience only) can cause inconsistent arrow flight. I have never had any flight issues with the lower gpi tubes.

      You could try a heavier insert up front to weaken your 2117’s dynamic spine or shooting a longer shaft will also weaken the dynamic spine.

      There are so many choices in aluminium, I am sure you can find one that fits your needs. If not, carbon seems to be more versitile.

      Good luck!

    • tom-wisconsin
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      With the arrow that is too weak, can you shorten it a little to stiffen the spine?

    • Hubertus
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      I tried using weight tubes to increase my FoC. I used 8″ of 8gpi in the front end & 3gpi in the remainder of the shaft. It had absolutely no effect on FoC (but increased mass, so I stayed with them).
      And to answer the question, the tubes had no effect on how the arrows shoot.

    • SPowell54
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      I use weight tubes in carbon, but used braided poly rope to fill my aluminums. You gain a lot of mass, and also quiets the arrow. There was an article in traditional bowhunter awhile back explaining it.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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