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    • Brennan Herr
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      Success!!! I was sitting on a thin wood line with the wind in my face listening to the night bugs start to sing. Then I saw movement to my left across a small meadow. In a flash a small doe was running past me at 10 yards. Damn, I thought, she would have been tasty. Then another followed a little slower but moving at a steady pace. Then 8 more filed passed me. A button buck was the only one to stop a give me shot. I passed because I saw some more movement in the woods. A large doe bounded out into the meadow and toward me on the trail the others followed. She stopped at 10 yards to my left on an embankment. I drew and released. My arrow vanished. But she just stood there. No reaction. Hmmmmm. Missed? Missed! I grabbed another arrow and she retreated back to the wood line she came from. As she stopped before entering the woods I released again. Arrow looked great then at the last millisecond it deflected left and stuck her in the hindquarter. Damn!! I really did it now. Light was fading and I didn’t see the saplings in the way. I sat till nearly dark and gave chase. I had good blood and followed cautiously. I found her shortly after stone dead in the leaves. What a pretty girl. I examined her and found my first arrow had passed through her chest wonderfully. She was dead and neither one of us knew it. Lessoned learned. If I haven’t studied the shooting lane prior to the deer’s arrival I am holding my release. I returned and found my first arrow hiding in the long grass on the side of the embankment. HA! But on a side note the second arrow went completely through her as well and must have hit some arteries because she was full of blood all over inside. Thank God for Tuffhead and Ashby…..and double lung shots. What a hunt!!!

    • Troy Warner
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    • Doc Nock
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      Congrats Big Time! Excellent waiting them out… and you got your just deserts.

      Sounds like some awesome shooting and tasty victual for the freezer!

      I inadvertently shot a deer somewhat the same… came by, doubled back, only then I saw it had legal horns (back in the day) and I had one hole I cut in a hemlock to shoot thru where it went… I bleated, it stopped, and I released. Ticked a limb like yours, but the deer was only 10 yards from me and the twig only 2′ from the deer… but the deer did what deer do… crouched down, whirled to go back the way it had been safe and threw up it’s flag…I too thought I hit the right rear ham…

      Deer ran off, and all I could do was listen… didn’t run far adn stopped…no other sound, but they can tip toe thru the tulips quiet like.

      Turned out I’d made a perfect Texas Heart Shot with a bow! When it threw up it’s tail, whirled that arrow never cut hair… went it to the fletch and each step it shredded a kidney on both sides…dead in 50 yards…

      Sometimes, luck is good enough…

      Sounds like you had more than luck going for you… Again, Congratulations!!!

    • lyagooshka
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      Congratulations on a beautiful deer.

      Great Job!



    • Brennan Herr
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      Thanks fellas. She will be tasty. I got her all tucked away to age for a few days. I will break down the meat further this weekend. Feels great to have it all come together.

    • CareyE
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      Congratulations! I hope this weather soon breaks.

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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    • Col Mike
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    • David Fudala
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      That last pic made me awful hungry! Congrats on your success!

    • David Coulter
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      Brennan, great story and excellent deer. I’m also in pa but have. Ot had the chance to get out yet. Next week i hope! Congratulations on your success, including the work and study leading to the hunt. Best, dwc

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