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    • M. Miller
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      I’ve been shooting feathers for a little while now but I still haven’t found anything that water proofs them well. Is there a reliable water proofer? Or is the plastic baggy covering the only option? Frustrated 😡

    • cody
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      They make a powder that is suppost to work but I’ve only used it on about 5 arrows or so and it didn’t seem to work but there was a good chance I didn’t do something right. I tried some of that spray silicone and it didn’t work much either so a bag over them for me seems to be the thing that works for me.

    • Cottonwood
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      I hunted in the rain, no water proofing, and not trouble with arrow flight.

    • makesmoosecry
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      i use Gateway Feather’s 100% waterproof feather powder… i’ve always used it and it has always worked 100%.. one evening last week it was raining hard,,, i watched the water roll right off.. then again ive shot in the rain (without it) and still did quite well.

    • Stephen Graf
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      No Snow water repellant from Bear Archery works great on store bought feathers. One application lasts the life of the arrow in my experience.


      Use natural wild turkey feathers. I started making my own feathers a few years ago and discovered that the natural feathers are coated in oil and just stronger than the old commercial turkey feather. They don’t lay down in the rain the same, and don’t require treatment.

      When I started down this path, I relied on some friends that turkey hunt for feathers. Now the kids and I go for feather walks and just pick them up during the year. The kids know which are left wing and which are right wing and which are primary and which are secondary feathers. They get the good ones.

      I can usually find at least 1 good feather every time I go for a walk. Over the course of a year, that’s enough feathers for over a dozen arrows…

    • Chad Sivertsen
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      I’ve hunted in a lot of wet weather, a drizzly light rain day is great hunting weather. These days I hunt with a selfbow most of the time and use a side quiver that protects the fletching. If I’m in head high drippy brush or a heavier rain I cover the top of the quiver with a camo nylon bag with drawstring. If I use a bow quiver I cover the fletch with the same bag. It also covers bright fletch when using a bow quiver.

      Agreed that natural feathers have more oil content and are more waterproof. Commercial feathers go through washing and processing.

      On the subject of feathers, is everyone aware that steaming will renew your matted feathers. Often feathers that have been messed up bad can recover with a steaming.

    • M. Miller
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      Thanks for all the feed back. It looks as though I’ve got some more “trying things out” sessions ahead. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

      Without frustration and struggle our successes wouldn’t mean as much.

    • Bigbearclaw
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      I hunt with goose feathers,not as durable as turkey but great to only hunt with

    • David Petersen
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      I’ve used the powder for many years. I think it’s called Fletch Dry. You plunge the feathered end of the shaft into the container and spin it around a few times, then tap off the bulk of extra powder on the inside of the container. Gently rub the powder into each feather, working front to back with the grain. Finally, tap the arrow against your finger or such to knock off any remaining extra. Even so, when you shoot the arrow a cloud of powder will fly off. I find the powder to work well for a while but after enduring a prolonged hard rain it needs to be redone. Like others I’ve also experienced good arrow flight with soaked, limp feathers but don’t like the loud “snap” a wet arrow makes when shot or the cold shower of water in the face.

    • SteveMcD
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      I use to use ScotchGuard, but over time it makes the feathers a tad stiffer. Anymore I just cover my arrows with a fleece cover when it rains….

    • Fletcher
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      I’ve had good results with the powder, too.

    • woodman
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      Bohning makes a good liquid waterproofer.It comes in a 1 oz bottle with an applicator built into the lid like a nail polish bottle.I have 1 that lasted about 5 seasons so far and there’s still a quarter left.Works great but you have to let it dry for a while cuz it stinks til then.

    • Gorbin
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      Chad- thanks for steam advice! My kids left their arrows out side the other day and they got soaked. Gonna give it a try.

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